CentrArt (name in full: Association CentrArt – New Workshop of Art Historians; hereinafter “Society”) aims to create a open forum and independent professional workshop for art-related professionals – art historians, curators, museologists and freelance art-writers – where opportunity is provided for members to lead open and disinterested discourse about the actual state of their profession or current problems on their fields. The Society is politically and ideologically non-committed, however, every single member’s political and ideological conviction is fully respected.

CentrArt’s founding members’ most significant objective is to introduce and spread an attitude among professionals that considers genuine discourse and idea-sharing free from own interests a key issue in professional life; also regards cooperative professional teamwork a highly important matter that overrules individual interests. Founders deem cooperation overcoming individual professional interests as an essetial mean of developing and enriching the human community of art historians. A further important objective of CentrArt’s founding members is to articulate the society’s own opinion concerning any particular question related to art history without any kind of external pressure or influence. As far as possible, CentrArt also would like to give alternative answers to any particular professional issue. CentrArt reserves the right to support and taking part in the realisation of all professional initiatives that is considered worthwhile and accomplishable by CentrArt. According to CentrArt’s founding members’ opinion, the undertaking of this task meets a long-felt need within present days art historian society in Hungary.

In keeping with the policies detailed above we would like to organise our activities that include:

supporting and being involved in constructive reforms and fresh initiatives which respond to

contemporary needs;

creating forum and space for cooperation, opinion sharing and mutual thinking;

working out and realising common projects in a cooperative way;

being involved in cherishing and preservation of Hungarian artistic heritage through
theoretical research as well as pratical activity.
Society runs the following activities to achieve the above mentioned targets:

regular society meetings organised monthly and study trips two-monthly;

creating an information homepage on the Internet which provides space for information-exchange, also for project arrangments and managment;

publishing professional and academic volumes;

organising professional conferences;

exploiting more effectively and more comprehensively the opportunities given by university education through the involvment of art history students in academic life and research projects;

allocating travel funding in form of domestic research grants for researchers including non-members.