Art History Case Studies

The CentrArt Association continues its course ”Art History Case Studies” in the 1st  semester of 2010/2011, which was begun as part of the Historian Workshop at Eötvös College in the academic year 2008/2009. Beside the students of the college, the lectures are also open to MA students of art history, to gain credit points. In the first year, the material of the course was assembled as to provide a more general introduction of art history, from Autumn Semester 2010 onwards, the lectures focus on certain highlighted topics and questions of the discipline. Beginning with academic year 2011/2012, a different line of concept will be followed each year, art historical question will be treated within a framework of questions about cultural heritage and museology, source knowledge, as well as science historical paradigms. Alongside the lectures, there will be field-work in connection with the protection of historical monuments and museology.

Lectures on Art History at the Eötvös College – 2008/2009.

1st semester – Architecture

Kata Simon: The Art of Pannonia
Tamás Horogszegi: Romanesque Architecture
Gábor Kovács: The Gotic Liturgical Space
Péter Schmidt: Art during the Reign of King Matthias – Late Gothic Art
Áron Tóth: Architecture and Tractate Literature
Áron Tóth: Aristocratic Baroque Architecture
Márk Szerdahelyi: Classicist Arcitecture
Miklós Székely: Ephemeral Architecure
Ágnes Süle: Urbanistic Endeavours in Vienna and Budapest around 1900
Ágnes Oszkó: Architecture at the Turn of the Century I.
Szilvia Pálinkás: Architecture at the Turn of the Century II.
Erika Dóczi: Architecture of the 1920s and 30s
József Rozsnyai: Postwar Architecture

2nd semester – Painting, Sculpture and Applied Arts

Tamás Horogszegi: Romanesque Painting
Anna Tüskés: Romanesque Sculpture
Gábor Kovács: Gothic Painting
Anna Rákossy: Late Gothic-Early Renaissance Arts & Crafts
Ágnes Mészáros: Renaissance Painting
Gábor Kovács: Baroque Painting
Anikó Fábián: 19th Century Sculpture
Diána Radványi: 19th Century Arts & Crafts
Miklós Székely: Ambitions in Applied Arts around 1900  – artist training
Zoltán Dragon: 19th Century Landscape Painting
Kata Balázs: Painting at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Judit Király: Postwar Painting
Attila Kondor: The Contemporary Fine Arts Scene

Lectures on Art History at the Eötvös College – 2010/2011.

1st semester – Art History Case Studies

Anna Tüskés: Romanesque Art in Hungary
Áron Tóth: Baroque Architecture
Nikoletta Koruhely: Possible Interpretions of Baroque Portrait Painting
Márk Szerdahelyi: The impact of Classicism Sculpture on Hungary
Zoltán Dragon: The Art of Károly Markó the Elder
Zsuzsanna Szegedi-Maszák: The Art of Miklós Barabás
Ágnes Süle: City Architecture – Vienna and Budapest at the Turn of the Century
Miklós Székely: The Fine Arts in Art Nouveau
Katalin Káldi: Avant-garde Trends
Attila Kondor: The Contemporary Hungarian Art Scene

2nd semester – Contemporary Art Case Studies (draft!)  

March 3: Pop Art and Neorealism – Sarolta Entz
March 10: Conceptual Art / Dóra Maurer – Judit Király
March 17: Actionism, Happening, Performance, Fluxus, Minimal Art – Kata Balázs
March 24: Body Art / Tibor Hajas – Miklós Székely
March 31: The Appearance of Hyperrealism in Hungary – Mónika Zombori
April 7: Feminist Art – Hedvig Turai
April 14: Portraits of Artists I
April 28: Portraits of Artists II
May 5: Portraits of Artists III
May 12: Contemporary Art Institutions – Miklós Székely
May 12: The Main Tendencies of Contemporary Art since 2001 – Gábor Rieder