If you would like to join and take part in CentrArt’s activities, you are very welcome, but we kindly ask you to read through first our Society Rules. If you agree with it as well as the objectives listed there, and would like to be actively involved in our work, please, complete and e-mail us the Registration Form, also send the completed Application Form separately by mail. As the assessment of applications takes a while, even before gaining full membership, all your details provided on the Registration Form will be displayed on CentrArt’s website, and will be available to anyone by clicking on your name.
After returning the completed forms, your e-mail address will be added to our mailing list, through which you will receive information about various society events and projects; also, you will be able to send circulars to all members.
CentrArt is an animate, actively working society, expecting all members to be actively involved, in order to fulfill the objectives set out in our Mission Statement. According to Society Rules 3 § (2), it is the right of CentrArt chair board to decide on admissions. Applicants’ professional curriculum will be considered in particular. In accordance with CentrArt chair board’s usual practice, applications will be assessed at the first yearly chair board session, earliest 180 days later than the date indicated on the form. (There are two sessions a year, one in the first half, 30 June latest, another 31 December latest.) CentrArt chair board’s decision will be partly based on your activity and work shown during candidature. Therefore, it is strongly advised to practice not only a virtual membership, but take part actively in our projects, as far as your circumstances allow you to do so. Rights and obligations listed in Society Rules do not apply to applicants until getting full membership. However, according to Society Rules, yearly membership fee, paid calendar yearly, is applicable to candidates too.